Presentation Hillview Middle School November 13, 2012

At the invitation of the P-38 National Association and Hillview Middle School in Lancaster, CA, on November 13, 2012, I spoke to 300 8th grade students
and their teachers. I was asked to speak abut the the research and sources used to find my father’s crash site.

Everyone viewed The Last Flight of Lt. Estill, in advance and they asked more questions than I had time to answer. Even though WWII precedes them by nearly 68 years, they were an attentive and interested group. Some were military kids whose
loved ones were or are deployed. Students were divided into separate 80 minute classes for the day. Though the presentation was identical, it changed in the way of shared energy with every class.

I loved meeting these kids who allowed me to explain my father-quest through my research, which was new for me, and a great way to create a timeline. We had several outside visitors throughout
the day including, Flora Belle Reece who was a WASP pilot in WWII, and Stephen Paisley, songwriter and singer. I received and answered several hundred
thoughtful and insightful thank-you notes. The magic that accompanies every presentation I make about my father, always happens and this was no exception. Knowing these kids gave me hope for our future.

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