The Search
for Lt. Estill

This website documents the excavation and recovery of the World War II crash site of my father’s P-38 Lightning. 1Lt Shannon E. Estill was shot down in what was then East Germany only weeks before the end of the war on Friday April 13, 1945. He was the last man killed from the 428th Fighter Squadron, the 474th Fighter Group of the 9th Air Force. This is the true measure of my devotion.

Der Spiegel’s Documentary Film

The Last Flight of Lieutenant Estill

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November 13, 2012 Presentation Hillview Middle School

Sept 27th, 2012
InConcert Sierra presents:

The Armed Man: A Mass for Peace

June, 2012 P-38 National Assn Meeting

August, 2011 474th Fighter Group Association Meeting

June 25, 2010 P38 National Association Membership Meeting

August 11, 2010 World War II Museum U.S. premiere: Der Spiegel’s The Last Flight of Lieutenant Estill

June 25, 2010 P38 National Association Membership Meeting

April 6-10, 2010 Association for Death Education and Counseling, 32nd Annual Conference, Kansas City, MO

December 2009 International Journal of Arts and Sciences conference keynote speaker in Gottenheim, Germany

Nov 7-10, 2009 American WW II Orphan’s Network national conference in Tucson, Arizona

Nov, 2008 AWON Conference 2008

Author Sharon Taylor

Sharon Taylor

Sharon Estill Taylor, Ph.D, has returned to Arizona after working as Professor of Social Work and Psychology, Chair of Women’s Studies,
and Director of First Year Experience at Saint Martin’s University near Seattle, to write and continue the quest for discovery.

Tryptich by Justin Rocca

Oil on canvas, 2002.

Artist’s depiction of his grandfather, 1Lt. Shannon Eugene Estill’s last flight over Esnig, East Germany at 13:40 on April 13th 1945.