The Search
for Lt. Estill

This website documents the excavation and recovery of the World War II crash site of my father’s P-38 Lightning. 1Lt Shannon E. Estill was shot down in what was then East Germany only weeks before the end of the war on Friday April 13, 1945. He was the last man killed from the 428th Fighter Squadron, the 474th Fighter Group of the 9th Air Force. This is the true measure of my devotion.

Der Spiegel’s Documentary Film

The Last Flight of Lieutenant Estill

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Phantom Father
A Daughter's Quest for Elegy

To be published Fall 2016.

A daughter's search and recovery mission to bring home her father, 1Lt. Shannon Estill, a P38 fighter pilot and one of the last casualties of World War II.

Dr. Taylor will be speaking and signing books at the National WWII Museum's yearly international conference in New Orleans, November 17-19, 2016.

Author Sharon Taylor

Sharon Taylor

(Painting by James B. Hartel)

Sharon Estill Taylor, Ph.D, is the author of Phantom Son: A Mother’s Story of Surrender and Phantom Father: A Daughter’s Quest for Elegy (Fall 2016). She is working on another book while living between the Southwest desert and the Puget Sound. The quest for discovery and illumination continues.

Tryptich by Justin Rocca

Oil on canvas, 2002.

Artist’s depiction of his grandfather, 1Lt. Shannon Eugene Estill’s last flight over Esnig, East Germany at 13:40 on April 13th 1945.